“Help Somebody If Ya Can”



“Now Granny said: Sonny, stick to your guns,
If you believe in something, no matter what,
Cause it’s better to be hated for who you are,
Than be loved for who you’re not. . .

Fight your fights, find a grace,
And all the things that you can change,
And help somebody if you can. . .”
– Van Zant

Forewarning, this is my Monday Morning PSA :-)

Yesterday in church, the pastor had a message that I felt was a really good reminder. It’s a simple concept, but in today’s self centered world, it’s easily lost.

Jesus came to serve. Nothing he did was for himself, but every action existed to help others. In contrast, we spend so much time “looking out for number one”. If someone comes asking for advice, we generally tell them to do what’s best for themselves. And while in a way, it’s common sense and quite important to take care of ourselves, we shouldn’t forget how our own problems or conflicts could be a blessing in disguise to others. So, I hope that as I go through the week, I can keep my eyes open to how I can help others and not just myself. Because when we give our time and ourselves to others, then God’s looking out for us. I don’t know about you but I’d rather Him look out for me, than me try to figure it out on my own, any day.

Hey, even if you’re not into the spiritual thing, it’s good to remember how much others may appreciate your help! On that note, they might also appreciate some Lemon Blueberry Cheesecake bars (which I will be posting later this week), in addition to a few other lemony recipes. I think the change of seasons has me on a lemon kick because they remind me of sunshine – and me and my taste buds are fine with it! It’s warm, trees are getting green again, flowers are blooming…. Anddd, it’s raining pollen. Lovely.

Happy Monday!


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