Happy Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day!

I hope you’ll get a chance to enjoy Mother Nature some time today. Also, I’m sure there are plenty of local events and festivals near you even up until this weekend so go check them out!

Saturday we went to an Earth Day Celebration where I got a free organic green bean plant, and onion seeds, as well as a few other goodies.

Some Wisteria I picked on Friday, it’s my favorite!

On Sunday, Nick and I got to make a day trip up to Asheville, NC to go to Biltmore Estate [one of my favorite places in NC – if you haven’t been, GO!] This time of year their gardens are filled with beautiful blooms :-)

We took one of their specialty tours “Legacy of the Land” and got to go to different places on the grounds that are usually restricted. I love touring historical homes and museums, and get pretty excited to see behind the scenes. I know it’s a no-no but I always try to wiggle the door handle of one or two of the [250!] rooms in the house that aren’t open to the public, you know, just in case they might have forgotten to lock it.. [just kidding. but really.]

Here are just a few pictures we took on our adventure:

DSCF4978 DSCF4979 DSCF4988 DSCF4996




Continue for more pretty pictures!  DSCF5025  DSCF5040  DSCF5032  DSCF5029  DSCF5047  DSCF5060  DSCF5124  DSCF5112  DSCF5110  DSCF5101  DSCF5098  DSCF5092  DSCF5091  DSCF5080  DSCF5074

Hope that inspires you to get out and enjoy the day!

“To leave the world a little better than you found it. That’s the best a man can ever do.” – Paul Auster 


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