Now What?

Today’s post is just a mash up of my thoughts. Apologies in advance.


I finished my very last day of college today! I’m thrilled to be done, but kind of overwhelmed by the unknown. My Pop-Pop always reminds me, “All things work towards the good for those who love the Lord and are called according to His purpose”, and in times of great transition or change, that’s always comforting.

I guess I don’t have a plan, persay. But if I did [because I’m an obsessive list maker], it’d look something like this:

– Get a big girl job [although, I absolutely love my internship!]

– Post more recipes and finally take some pictures of my container garden [although, its a little rough given this never ending winter and never ending rain]

– Volunteer! [If I can possibly push it into a work schedule, I’d really like to help out with Meals On Wheels. I read an article  about how many elderly are left as shut-ins with no one to visit them, and in our area the percentage is astronomical. It pretty much broke my heart.]

– Move into a new apartment and finally bring my piano from home :)

– Save up and buy a new car! [I hate to be a traitor to Black Betty, but she’s runnin’ a little rough]

. . . Yep, that’s all I got.


Oh, and go see Great Gatsby Friday night. [Yes, that’s currently on my life goal list. Next to Wuthering Heights, that was my absolute favorite read in high school.. Don’t judge… It’s also the most obtainable goal on my list… Hey, an accomplished goal is an accomplished goal.]

**Update 5/21/2013 – The Great Gatsby was incredible. Pretty accurate to the novel and visually captivating. Go see it!**

PS – Sorry this post was a tad bit sappy – graduating college is weird. I’ll get it together eventually.

PSS – Sorry for the random pictures that had no introduction whatsoever.. I sat down by the lake today after my last class and took some pictures before the storm rolled in :)



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