Adventures with Stella & Luna

I think every so often I might just post about the adventures of Stella and Luna. They live fairly exciting lives for two overfed, over confident, over loved cats. Plus, they make pretty good photography subjects.

Meet Stella (the lioness).
Meet Stella (the lioness).
Meet Luna (the cuddler).
Meet Luna (the cuddler).

Usually each evening after I come home, they’re there to greet me at the door. Their greetings more or less consist of an exchange of loud meows and flopping down on the floor with a thud, just to get my attention. I happily take this to be excitement in seeing me and not just a desperate plea for food. I think they only love me because of my generosity with the cat food, but I’d like to think they just were so excited to see me they could barely contain themselves.

After they nibble a bite, I usually go into “their” room and spend some time playing with them. [Yeah, my cats have a room. That’s a different story for a different day.] We toss their toys around, Stella bats one behind a chair that I have to go get out, Luna gets fed up with Stella in her space, and their general disdain for one another becomes clear. Its usually at this point that Luna gets aggravated and decides the view to the outside world is a better bet.

"If I could only get out of this apartment.."
“If I could only get out of this apartment..”

Stella hesitantly wants to share the window, but gets side tracked with a toy.

"Hey, hey Luna, wanna play with me and this toy again?"
“Hey, hey Luna, wanna play with me and this toy again?”

Eventually, she’ll knock it off the ledge and get back to aggravating Luna.

They’ll try to share. They’ll try to be good siblings. They’ll try to love one another. At least, that’s what I tell myself.

DSC_0394But, reality quickly sets in.

Stella tries to talk things over with Luna.

"Can't we work this out?"
“Can’t we work this out?”

Luna, the elder, promptly sets the record straight. I recall the night I brought them home from the shelter together and Stella took a swipe at Luna. From that moment on I’ve never quite been able to tell the difference between their friendly play, and their death threats.

I just know I don't want to be on the receiving end of that look.
I just know I don’t want to be on the receiving end of that look.

To be fair, they get along peacefully most of the time. Its more of a tense stand off between them and no one’s ever quite sure what might set them off. I think we can hold off on calling the Cat Whisperer for now, but I’m keeping an eye on it.


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