Washington, DC – 2015 Cherry Blossom Festival

I’ve been anxiously looking forward to the 2015 Cherry Blossom Festival since the beginning of the year, keeping a check on when the blooms would be at their peak and crossing my fingers I’d be able to go. Thankfully, our schedule was right on time with the trees and we were able to make a day trip up on Saturday! This year’s peak fell right on the weekend of April 11, 2015, so Saturday was a jam packed day with the blossoms, the festival, a visit to the National Archives Museum, Good Stuff Eatery for lunch (ah-maz-ing), a stop at the Library of Congress (breathtaking), a view of Capitol Hill and a walk through China Town before going home. All in all it was a very full day but so worth it.

1st Stop: The Tidal Basin & Jefferson Memorial

DC Cherry Blossoms

Our whole day started at the Washington Monument where we walked along until we made it to the Jefferson Memorial and Tidal Basin.

DSC_2070 DSC_2078We tried to get there as early as possible to beat the crowds, but it turned out every one else had the same plan! Though there was a lot of foot traffic, the festival was well planned and routed and it was easy enough to get around.

Cherry Blossoms

It was truly like walking through pink and white clouds that smelled heavenly. The trees were given as a gift to the US in 1912 by Japan, so for over 100 years they’ve been dazzling the city every spring and this year they were nothing short of spectacular. I felt like I was in a dream!

Cherry Blossoms - Washington DC

Cherry Blossoms - Washington DC

Cherry Blossoms - Washington DC

I had never been before and I found the Jefferson Memorial inspiring. The architecture of the rotunda was incredible, his quotes on the walls were moving, and the view of the Capitol from within was perfectly framed in each direction.

Cherry Blossoms - Washington DCCherry Blossoms - Washington DC

Cherry Blossoms - Washington DC

The pictures really don’t do it justice, but this is definitely something to put on your bucket list! We could have easily spent our entire day there taking in the amazing view, but when trying get the most out of one day in a city, sometimes you have to keep on moving! However, we were lucky that all across DC there were cherry blossom trees to be found.

Cherry Blossoms - Washington DC Cherry Blossoms - Washington DC Cherry Blossoms - Washington DC

Part 2, here!


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