DC Cherry Blossom Festival – Part 3

Part 3 –

Washington DCAfter the festival at the tidal basin, Jefferson Memorial, Library of Congress and National Archives, the last part of our day in DC was spent with a stop at the White House and a visit to the Washington Memorial where we spent a good deal of time people watching with Starbucks in hand. There were plenty of people out flying kites, and it made me recall when I was younger doing the same thing at the beach. Slight nostalgia!

Washington DC White House

Though we’d planned lunch earlier, we’d left dinner “open-ended”. Neither of us were terribly hungry (lunch had seriously filled us up) so we decided rather than making another trip to the Tidal Basin (which was originally what we were going to do), we’d instead walk through China Town. We figured if we saw somewhere tasty and authentic and exciting, we’d stop in.

Washington DC

Washington DC Washington DC

On our way to Chinatown from the National Mall, we walked through the garden behind the Smithsonian Institute and the “magic hour” was in full swing. The lighting was so beautiful and I remembered why that last bit of sunlight during the day is affectionately called the magic hour in the first place!

Washington DC

Washington DC

Washington DC

Washington DC

I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect from DC’s Chinatown. I’d been to Chinatown in NYC but I kind of think DC’s was better! (Although, all I have to compare DC to NYC from is my memory in Senior year of high school. Which altogether, is probably not that reliable).Anyway, as soon as we rounded the corner there was a giant overhead entrance, signifying the start of Chinatown.

Washington DC ChinatownWashington DC ChinatownWashington DC ChinatownWashington DC Chinatown

The restaurants had confusing, and comical, names. But I had no idea it’d be so busy, there were people lined up everywhere! Granted it was Saturday around 6pm, so we should’ve known better. Each place we went by seemed to have similar items, and though authentic, nothing really caught our eye and the long lines were a deterrent. So, in the end we decided to just pick something up on the ride back. However, taking the time just to go through Chinatown was definitely worth it as it was a unique experience!Washington DC Chinatown


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