Waiting In, and Appreciating, This Season

A Southern Silver LiningOne of the reasons I was inspired to start my blog was because of many of you. Seeing gorgeous adventures, and travel all around is always inspiring. However, right now foreign countries aren’t necessarily on the radar, or more importantly aren’t in the budget, but are definitely being saved for. Hopefully soon in the future after Nick and I settle down and are married, we’ll have plenty of places to adventure (double the income and only one place to pay for will surely help!), but in the meantime we spend a good bit of our weekends making as many day trips to as many nearby places as we can.

A Southern Silver LiningA Southern Silver Lining

The weekend before last it was a day trip to the NC Zoo. And this past weekend it was a trip to the mountains of southwest Virginia to see my Grandma, and Memorial Day at Grandfather Mountain – both of which I want to post on soon.

A Southern Silver Lining

A Southern Silver Lining

I think it’s so important to take advantage of where you are and to explore the areas around you. It’s easy to be impatient for the next big adventures in life, but there’s so much importance to stopping and appreciating where you are right now in whatever ways you can. We don’t have to go very far to see some of the beautiful wonders God has created. I’m thankful for this season in my life to focus on who I’m becoming as an adult, where I’m going, strengthen my relationship with Nick, and together our relationship with God. And in the meantime, see all that the area we’re in now has to offer!
This Season5


4 thoughts on “Waiting In, and Appreciating, This Season

  1. Yes! There is so much adventure near by! I am with you on that girl! It is a joy and a gift to be able to find life in the moment and adventure in the everyday! XOXO

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