Monday, Monday, Monday

The weekend flew by and here we are on Monday. I thought I’d give some time in review to the pieces of my week:

What I’m Watching: Mad Men. Netflix has fed the beast that is binge-watching. I’m in the middle of season three, and I can’t get over Don’s man-issues. I don’t know. At first I was so fascinated by their lives and the lies and the terrible awful world of 60’s advertising. But now I’m just kind of tired of Don being a scum bag… Still glued to it though.

What I’m Reading: (and thinking on) – A sermon on Feeding the 5,000 by NBW. I don’t think any summary I could give of it would do more justice on the topic than she already has.  “[But], as crazy as it is – I believe in miracles – not because I think I’m supposed to, but because I need to. I need to believe that God does what we cannot do.”

What I’m Eating: All the sweet, little cherry tomatoes that have come off my tomato plant! Yay for urban container gardening! I desperately miss my squarefoot garden and its bounty, but for the second floor deck of my apartment complex, this will do! (Plus, “lemon” cucumber from the produce stand nearby!)








What I’m Wearing: (well, looking forward to wearing). I recently ordered these two dresses (here) and (here) for upcoming weddings. I’ve had mixed luck with online shopping recently, some things have came and fit like a glove, others I’ve had to send back. But it’s always exciting to come home to a new package by the door after work.

What I’ve Appreciated: The #morethanaframe community hosted by Cassie and Amber. An insta-post of mine made it to their challenge recap this week, and if you’re looking for a great group of authentic, encouraging, Spirit filled ladies, be sure to check them out.

What I’m looking forward to: It’s my cats “birthday”s tomorrow. Yep. Two years I’ve had the two, lovable, loving, adorable, pain-in-the-butt kitties. They’ve got so many “dog bakeries” for pups around town, but nothing for cats! My solution: this. (You’re welcome). I’ll let you know how it goes!

PicMonkey Collage


(^Also, loving the makeover to this sewing table we did last week!)


2 thoughts on “Monday, Monday, Monday

  1. The makeover that you did on that sewing table is GORGEOUS. Just absolutely gorgeous. AND, tomato plants. Let’s talk about how awesome, how wonderful, how much they taste just like sunshine. My plants are so giant they’re overtaking our garden, but it’s okay because none of our other plants really took off the way that I was hoping they would. :)

    1. Ah thank you Amber!!! Yes, the tomatoes are pure beautiful sunshine (my boyfriend doesn’t care for them, so they’re all mine. Not complaining!!!) [Im thankful they did well, because instead of my other plants taking off, they kind of just shriveled. I’m chalking it up to too hot southern sun. But I’m so glad yours have achieved giant status!!!]

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